Any kind of insurance required either by law, or by venue, or by production, can be covered (liability, weather, damage, etc.). All contracts are made by large insurance companies and offers all kinds of insurance even for lost profits.

The backstage is a special service of the production. Special handling by courteous and professional staff is needed, to keep guests satisfied and we have the right people for the right places.

Vip van, limousines, buses (20 or 30 or 40 or 50 seats), simple van or cars and professional drivers, can take on the most demanding transfers with the best prices.

Simple or luxury hotels that cover all needs, at the closest distance from the venue to minimize the transfers. Possible sponsorship suites for artists.

Any crane model you need can be found. Cherry pickers or any other type from a big list of companies, can offer their services day and night.

Power generators for use or back up. Every type on every KVA that technical rider requires, can be supported. Offers from different companies for the best price.

Simple barriers or mojo for whatever measures are needed. Located according to the needs of the event, on time to be delivered.

The most difficult and complicated stage can be handle. With a 24 hours service, we can deliver every construction at the required time of the production.